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Press Release: Brooklyn's Top Escape Room Turns 3, Keeps Innovating

Rustic and original, Brooklyn Escape Room
Peddlers and Parchments

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Dec. 26, 2021 - PRLog -- Gamliel Beyderman, the Russian-born, Orthodox Jewish data scientist on a wild, 3 year-long journey to operate America's first Jewish Escape Room is confident the venue will succeed as he goes back to a corporate job. Originally marketed as OneBefore, the venue is now branded as Peddlers and Parchment Escape.

In under 2 years since going live the venue was voted Best Ethnic Escape Room Experience - New York by LUX Life Magazine, Travelers' Choice 2020, 21 and Brooklyn's best escape room on TripAdvisor!

The Brooklyn location is in the Midwood neighborhood, and caters to anyone (Jewish or not) interested in all things Jewish. No background in Jewish studies is necessary to complete the rooms. The facility welcomes school trips and features a 30-person event space.

The escape room brings to life a true story of a man who discovered that some of the greatest sages are his ancestors. The stranger-than-fiction, but true plot weaves Rabbinic genealogy, Torah and Jewish history, sacrifices and miracles.

The escape room dramatizes the genealogical discoveries made by Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull in his quest to illuminate his family's lost connection to noble past. Paull captured his experiences in a volume called "A Noble Heritage" and published in 2012. Dr. Paull is a partner in the venue.

A second escape room at the same location takes the visitor on a journey to meet the legendary 18th century mystic, Rabbi Pinchas Koritzer. The room is an attempt to recreate a trip through the 20 generations of the Shapiro Rabbinic dynasty to find the greatest treasure of the Jewish people. The themes range from saving the manuscripts of Rabbi Pinchas from the flames of the Holocaust to the heart-warming story of Rashi, the greatest Bible commentator of all time.

A mobile escape room for younger children exploring the structures of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon is slated to become available in the spring.

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