Wood Piles

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is this attraction targeted to the Jewish People?

Absolutely not! Our theme is truly universal and even though Jewish stories are featured, it's done so in a way that any person - Jewish or not can successfully escape. You will need to work hard though, the puzzles are hard...

What age is the attraction intended for?

Both of our Escape Rooms are designed for older children and adults. Children from about age 9 can actively participate in the experience and contribute to the solution when an adult is present. We charge only for ages 9 and up - under 9 can join for free under your suprevision. Children from 12 can solve the challenge by themselves. Teenagers and adults will all have an amazing time!

Will we have the Escape Room all to ourselves?

Yes! We are still in the midst of a pandemic - every group is private even if it's just two people!

Do you offer discounts off the published $30/person rate?

Yes! We are very convinced our venue offers a singular value at a very competitive price. And we are also convinced that once you appreciate the uniqueness of our venue, the price will no longer be an issue. We want you to come with your family and will work with you to make your trip affordable. We have larger group as well as school/camp and community organizations discounts! Call us 718-975-0331, we don't turn people away just because of price!

Do I need a background in Jewish studies to complete the challenge?

Absolutely not! Our Jewish theme is introduced in a way that any person - Jewish or not, knowing to read Hebrew or not, Jewishly affiliated or not... can be successful here. Just remember Hebrew is spelled Right to Left... We have retained Immersive Tech, a leading international Escape Room design firm to make sure our rooms are accessible and exciting for all!