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Brooklyn Matters

Our Slice of Brooklyn is more than just Di Fara Pizza! (not Kosher) 

Enter a mind-blowing world of history and legends. Brooklyn's most unique escape room. 

From Our Blog:

The Escape Room is in Brooklyn, but the story goes WAY back!

“As an escape room enthusiast who has done 311 games, I loved the way this medium was used to tell an artistic and deeply personal story, something I have not seen done anywhere else. [Both} rooms were [very] enjoyable, highly original experiences.”

- Shawn Elisha Simmons

“Dance of the Bear”

Legend of The Shpoler Zeide

Do you know what secrets are hidden in your past?


Join Dr. Jeffrey Paull as he journeys to the past through his family tree - straight to his holy ancestor, the Shpoler Zeide. Relive the heart-pounding Legend of the Dancing Bear.


In this room, immigration, the American melting pot and the power of sacrifice merge in a multi-layered story of humanity and love.

“Love the narrative created for this Escape Room. Make sure you shore up on your dancing techniques beforehand!” - Yosef W.

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“Eternal Glow Room”

Rashi’s Wish



Immerse in the emotional last moments of Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki on Earth (aka Rashi, an 11th century sage), as he writes his last words.

The gentile princes battling for the inheritance of Duke Godfrey the Hunchback are impatiently awaiting Rashi's verdict. He is ailing, and only you, his faithful students can help!

Brooklyn Escape Room Where Families Grow

Spectacular Outing For


Great for all ages.

We had a fantastic time. Great activity for all ages. Everyone participated.  Thanks for a really fun, family experience!

- Golda Gross

Youth & Adult Groups

Coolest way to learn about history.

“[I]t's the coolest way to learn about histor[y.] We didn't know much about Judaism but we loved the escape room. It was definitely an upper class [experience.]”

-Markus Põldmäe


Awesome guy’s night out.

Had an awesome time. I went on a guys night out and we really enjoyed the challenge, making it out with only minutes to spare

- Mendel R.

Corporate Team Building

We were laughing and scrambling for answers!

Went with 3 coworkers on our day off from work. As busy, working moms, we all enjoyed this refreshing but stimulating activity. We were laughing and scrambling for answers. It was so fun! And we escaped in time!

- Brocha K.

Schools and Camps

Very interactive & a great learning experience.

I'm a special ed teacher and thought the escape room would be a great way to strengthen communication skills, working together, language skills and frustration tolerance. It was all that plus!! It was also such a confidence booster for my student! It was really fun, challenging and a great way to spend the day. Very interactive and a great learning experience.

- Debbie L.


Amazing reunion for the entire family.

Was an amazing reunion for the entire family - we rented both rooms and had 24 players. We ended with a pizza party in the party room. The owner is incredibly helpful and attentive! The next day we received an email with video highlights from our adventure, really a nice touch!

- Adina


We are right here in Brooklyn, USA. Contact Us!

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This Brooklyn Escape Room Knocks Your Shoes Off
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