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Squad up and head to Brooklyn, the birthplace of an award-winning venue crafted from the history's most unusual stories (that may well be true...)

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"Excellent escape room experience!"

"We did the Rashi room and loved the aesthetic and historical connections. The puzzles were engaging and varied. The game master was friendly and kind, as well!  I would absolutely return to Peddlers and Parchments for any room they design."

- Danielle

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Escape Rooms
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Choose FROM two Immersive Missions

Dance of the bear

Dance of the Bear Escape Room Game

Join Dr. Jeffrey Paull as he journeys to the past through his family tree - straight to his famous ancestor, the Shpoler Zeide. Experience the heart-pounding legend of the Dancing Bear.

In this room's world, immigration, family, the American melting pot and the power of sacrifice and love merge in a heartwarming story your group will keep arguing about for a long time.

Powerful princes are battling for the inheritance of Duke Godfrey the Hunchback. A great sage, Rashi, is asked to decide their bitter dispute even as his strength is waning. Only you, his faithful students, can help. Rush, as war and peace are hanging in balance!

In this painstakingly designed world, a 2000-year old codex the sage is busy deciphering will determine the course of the First Crusade.  

Eternal Glow Room Escape Room Game

Experience deep doubt, fate and triumph!

A Dying Sage's Last Decision, and Your Part in it! 

New Oct, 2022: Eternal Glow Room








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Spectacular Outing For

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 Ideal choice for couples

Spend quality time together and create memories to last a lifetime. Best couple mostly escape. Are you such a couple? 


Great for all ages.

We even had a lady having an awesome time here with her kids, parents and the grandmother! 

Youth & Adult Groups

Coolest way to have fun

Bring your whole class, camp bunk or team for an educational blast in our two rooms. We could have 24 people playing each hour!


Awesome friends’ night out

Visit our two rooms with your buddies and see who escapes first. The fun is on us!

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What they say about us?

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Our special events

Corporate Team Building.png

Host your next party here! Our immersive games will take you on a journey of exploration, with puzzles to delight and inspire you. To round out the fun, serve food and have a great time in our 25-person party room too! 



Escape Room team building events are among the most effective. We teach the importance of group problem-solving, which is the heart and soul of any high-performing team. Your teammates will learn collaborative teamwork and sticking together while having fun.

Corporate Team Building

School and Camp photo

Our escape room games are an exciting and memorable way to teach kids important life lessons while strengthening their communication skills, building frustration tolerance, and leadership. We have hosted over 100 school and camp trips from all over!

Schools and Camps

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What makes us unique


Perddlers & Parchment escape room is an adventure that takes you through time and makes you feel like an explorer, but a thoughtful type though. As you search for clues, histories both personal and global challenge and inspire you. Just read our reviews!

Meaningful Adventure

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You’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Some of the most amazing puzzle and set designers collaborated to create Peddlers and Parchment. Our passion though, is telling true, meaningful and deep stories through those very puzzles. Prepare to be intrigued...

Intriguing Puzzles

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Our venue is highly themed and will teleport you to past worlds. The historical periods vary from 11th-century France to 1920s Ellis Island! Our designers strive to create a feeling you truly went there for 1 hour!

Immersive Set Designs

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Peddlers and Parchment is suitable for adults as well as children and a mix! It’s an excellent activity for diverse families and friends to enjoy, as everyone can work together towards the same goal. Are ya'all a good team?!

Fun for Everyone

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Send a gift

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Gift your loved ones the experience of our immersive rooms.

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Escape Rooms with a Difference

Most escape room stories (if they exist) are fictional and rather shallow... In contrast, Peddlers and Parchments is based on consequential and true events in all their complexity and wonder.

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  • What is an Escape Room?
    An escape room is a unique and fun adventure game where participants are immersed in a mission. A group of players, ranging from 2-12 people, enter a themed room with a goal to escape within 60 minutes. To escape the room, the team must work together to find clues and complete puzzles. Players use their problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills to escape from the room before time runs out! Playing escape rooms can be a fun and thrilling experience for couples, groups of families or friends, or corporate team-building events.
  • Will We Be Physically Locked In?
    Absolutely not! Don’t worry. The room is not locked. You can get out any time you want.
  • Do I need any special knowledge or skills to escape?
    No special knowledge or skills are required. You do get better at solving puzzles over time.
  • Will we have the Escape Room all to ourselves?
    Yes! Every group is private even if it's just two people!
  • Can we bring food or drinks?
    We request all our participants not to bring any food and drink inside the escape rooms. We do have a party room where you could share a meal!
  • Do you offer discounts off the published $35/person rate?
    Yes! After over 4 years in business (and a pandemic), we are very convinced our venue offers a singular value at a very competitive price. And we are also convinced that once you appreciate the uniqueness of our venue, the price will no longer be an issue. We want you to come with your family and will work with you to make your trip affordable. We have larger group as well as school/camp and community organizations discounts!

How to reach us?

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