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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

What does the Kotzker Rebbe's geography lesson, Oculus VR goggles and a Brooklyn Escape Room have in common? More than you think!

Kotzker Rebbe, a prominent Rabbi, once said to his students: “we are as far from where God wants us to be as East is from West”! And then he said to them: “By the way, just how far is it from East to West?" Many of answers were offered: 11,000 miles, 25,000 miles, even 6,000. They were all rejected. "The distance from east to west," said the Rabbi, "is just one step". #Change #Your #Perspective!

Now back in the future, your colleagues and you are visiting our escape room in Brooklyn for entertainment. The clock is ticking, and after a frantic search for a key you find a jigsaw puzzle. The image on the puzzle encapsulates the story of the room - the Dancing Bear. We will even help you with the ultimate look. Here:

An escape room in Brooklyn is teaches timeless lessons about life and even business!
Dancing Bear

Regardless of how good you are at building puzzles, how well you know the story, or how familiar you are with the intricacies of Shoshanna Brombacher’s art - the answer lies somewhere else. You need to #change #your #perspective.

Think of Oculus VR’s Rift virtual reality goggles. This new technology was initially built and marketed for consumers, particularly in the gaming industry. The Rift goggles allow players to have a richer experience by immersing them within the virtual reality of the game.

Then Oculus VR #changed #their #perspective. Moving outside their business-to-consumer strength, they pivoted towards the business-to-business marketplace, starting with the automotive sector. Oculus VR partnered with Ford and a motion-capture technology firm to develop a virtual reality automobile experience for Ford’s internal design team. While wearing the enhanced goggles, the system is designed to track a user’s position and orientation, providing Ford’s designers with a 3D representation of their creation and allowing them to “experience” the inside of a car before a single part is built.

This pivot of Rift’s target market has opened limitless possibilities, from design to architecture to medical to military sectors. With this approach, Oculus VR can continue to tap into new long-term revenue streams.

That’s how far a #changed #perspective can take you!

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